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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lift surgeryPatients who aspire to enhance the shape and projection of the buttocks often turn to buttocks lift/augmentation from a plastic surgeon. While the procedure is often performed on individuals for cosmetic reasons, patients may elect to have buttocks lift/augmentation for additional reasons including traumatic buttock injuries and contour deformities that are present after massive weight loss.

The Surgical Process

The Brazilian Butt Lift, a cosmetic procedure, is performed when fat is injected or transferred into the buttocks through liposuction and subsequent lipo injection. Fatty tissue is removed from donor sites (abdomen, flanks and thighs). The tissue is then decanted to separate fat cells from saline and other fluid components. The removed fat is then injected in a fan-like pattern into the desired areas through small incisions. After the fat is injected, the area is massaged to ensure proper distribution and contour. Any fat that may spread beyond the intended injection areas is removed through repeated gentle liposuction.

Along with other post-weight loss procedures such as a thigh lift, patients also may turn to buttocks augmentation after weight loss, either through bariatric surgery or more traditional weight loss methods. The dramatic changes in the elasticity and tone of the skin often necessitate tissue flap and body contouring procedures to help a patient realize a more toned-looking and beautiful buttocks. In this procedure, viable flaps of skin from the buttocks are placed in a surgeon-created gluteal pocket. This procedure effectively relocates tissue to create the desired result.

Though not as frequently performed as other buttock augmentation procedures, some patients may elect to undergo buttock implant surgery. In this procedure, a silicone gel or elastomer implant is inserted in a fashion that provides an anatomical and aesthetically pleasing shape. Buttock implant surgery may be recommended over other procedures for patients who lack enough excess fat stores.

Life After Buttocks Lift/Augmentation

Until the swelling has subsided, patients will wear a compression garment. Patients will also avoid exercise and increased activity for approximately three weeks. In this time period, the doctor will also reexamine all injection sites to ensure proper healing. Massage or ultrasound treatments may also be used to smooth any areas of swelling or unevenness. The patient should see the final results of the surgery six months to one year after the procedure.

Some risks can be associated with buttocks lift/augmentation surgery and can include pulmonary embolus, asymmetry, abscess, and seroma or hematoma. The patient may also experience a reaction to medications, tapes, bandages or salves used in the recovery period. As with any surgery, the patient runs the risk of the final result of surgery not meeting their expectations.


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