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Laser Scar Revision

Advanced laser technology allows for excellent means of reducing appearance of scars that are the result of accidents or previous surgery.  There are several options when using lasers to improve the appearance of scars.  Some scars are thick and raised, often referred to as “keloids”, others are wide and red, and some can be flat and lighter in appearance than the surrounding skin.

How does laser scar revision work? 
There are different lasers for different types of scars.  The CO2 laser can, layer by layer, debulk or reduce the elevation or thickness of a thick (hypertrophic) or keloid scar.  If a scar is depressed, the CO2 laser can even out the edges relative to the surrounding normal skin.  If a scar is red, a Nd:Yag laser, the Laser Genesis, is used to treat the blood vessels and inflammation of the scar, making it significantly less noticeable.

Can laser scar revision help acne scars? 
Yes, the CO2 laser works very well to smooth out skin damaged by acne.  For depressed deep acne scarring, the CO2 laser can resurface the facial skin to smooth out the complexion and even out the edges of the scars to blend in better with the surrounding skin.  It works similar to dermabrasion, an older technique used for acne scarring.  The CO2 laser offers the advantage of more control of depth of resurfacing, less bleeding and bruising, and a quick recovery. In addition, there is progressive tightening of collagen and elastin molecules for many months after surgery, further improving results as time goes on.

How is laser scar revision done? 
The laser to remove redness from a scar requires no anesthesia, except perhaps a topical anesthetic cream.  The area may be light red immediately after the treatment and you can resume normal activities right after the treatment.  The CO2 laser usually requires simply an local anesthetic. CO2 laser resurfacing requires a topical healing cream to be placed on the treated area for a week.  Afterward, the area may be light pink for a few more weeks and is easily covered by make up.


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